Cove Berean Church Acts ch17 v11
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Further Explanation

Further explanation on the differences between Cove Berean Church's Articles of Faith and other Articles/Statements of Faith...

Spiritual Gifts (re: Statement #4)
Some churches (and some entire denominations) believe that spiritual gifts have served their purpose and should not be expected in the church today. Some churches may believe in some, yet prohibit others. Some churches will even publicly ridicule or excommunicate their members that believe in or practice certain spiritual gifts. We believe that Scripture teaches the spiritual gifts are still here today. We believe that certain spiritual gifts (prophecy, speaking in tongues, etc.) must adhere to a scriptural order. For example, if someone were to speak in tongues yet there was no interpretation for what was said, that person may not have been led by the Spirit. We do not prohibit the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in whatever way He chooses, and we also realize that not everyone will have every gift (some may not have any at a given time). No one, however, will ever be forced to exercise any of the gifts as a requirement for fellowship or membership.

Salvation (re: Statement #6)
We chose to eliminate any specific reference that is committed to either view of the atonement (Armenian or Reformed). Some may believe that when a person accepts Christ they are "eternally saved" while others believe that a person can lose their salvation under certain circumstances. The point is: the only way to receive salvation is through Christ, the Messiah. He is the only way!

Eschatology, or the End Times (re: Statement #10)
We chose to eliminate any specific reference to a premillenial, pretribulational position. We believe the Bible teaches that Jesus will return to conclude HIStory: He will judge all, and all will live forever - either with Him (heaven) or apart from Him (lake of fire). While many in the church personally see scriptural support for the premillenial and pretribulational views, we donít believe it should be made a test for membership in Christís church.

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